ABOUT Sylvia melanothorax

An endemic species of Cyprus (breeds exclusively in Cyprus), with a large part of its population migrating in late autumn (October) to the Middle East (Israel, Jordan) and northern Africa (Egypt) and returning around March. Another rather smaller part of its population seems to live on the island all year round.

It is usually observed in natural habitats that have not undergone strong human intervention / change, mainly in Mediterranean scrub (maquis) and less in natural forests with a strong understory of shrubs.

It is quite shy and difficult to be observed (be somewhere exposed in the open), it usually remains well hidden in bushes. It is quite similar in appearance and habits to the closely related Sardinian Warbler (Sylvia melanocephala), although it is slightly smaller in size.

The male has a grey body, black head which contrasts with the body, throat and underparts light grey with scattered dark spots, and a faint white moustache. The female has a more grey-brown body with a grey head, the underparts are pale greyish with less obvious dark spots on the throat and especially on the chest.

Sylvia melanothorax

Cyprus Warbler

Did you know...

Its an endemic species of Cyprus (breeds exclusively in Cyprus).