The collection of the main species of Avifauna and Flora of the Akamas Peninsula and their display in the specially designed spaces of the Centre, contributes to informing and educating the public about the richness of our natural heritage.

What it includes​

The visitors will be fascinated by the magnificent dioramas of natural habitats at the Centre, where they will feel like they are in their actual living space and will get acquainted with the various ecosystems that include plants, birds and reptiles. Interactive windows and openings enrich the dioramas with informative material, touch screens and computers, as well as exhibits of life-like models of birds and animals of the area.

They will be impressed by the interactive applications, photos and images, with special focus on the 3D map showing the main bird routes towards and from the Akamas Peninsula. Furthermore, they will learn about the natural and cultural wealth of the villages of Akamas through detailed descriptions and photographs.

They will enjoy screenings and lectures in a specially designed area simulating a natural forest glade, and will explore the terrestrial flora and avifauna of Akamas through interactive displays touch.

The Centre also offers a children’s activity area with knowledge quiz games about the natural environment, a bird feeding exhibit, an omniscient game, cube puzzles, etc.

The Regional Information Centre in Kathikas is a station for informing the public about the terrestrial flora and avifauna of Akamas and at the same time a place for education and scientific research, contributing to public awareness regarding the importance of the protection and proper management of the environmental wealth in the region.


The contemporary and modern Regional Information Centre of Avifauna and Flora of Akamas has been operating since 2023 in the picturesque village of Kathikas, 25km north of the city of Paphos, and east of the Akamas forest.

The Exhibition Centre was created in a 210㎡ space in an old building and was financed by “National Resources”. It is a significant product of scientific research and solid museological design, which makes it the first specialized space in Cyprus, exclusively dedicated to the Avifauna and Flora of Akamas.

Through a combination of materials and digital media, the visitors are invited to go through a variety of informative exhibits of the Akamas Peninsula, and to learn about the natural habitats of the region, as well as the richness of our country’s biodiversity.