ABOUT Athene noctua

A resident bird of Cyprus and Akamas the peninsula. It’s a quite common species, met in a wide range of habitats, particularly in open and agricultural areas with rocky sites, hedges, sparse trees, farms, stony walls, even inside and around villages.

It’s active during night time but frequently during daytime too, especially during the breeding season. It’s the most frequently seen owl species in Cyprus. It feeds on a wide variety of prey, from rodents (mainly mice), birds, amphibians, small snakes and insects. Its flight is fast, straight, with fast wingbeats. When it flies at longer distance it shows an undulating flight with alternating intervals of wingbeats and retracted (near the body) wings.

It nests in holes on rocks, buildings, stony walls and tree hollows. It’s a small owl species, with a compact body and a rounded head with big yellow eyes. Its coloration is pale greyish above with white spotting, white on the underside with dark spotting.

Athene noctua

Little Owl

Did you know...

It’s the most frequently seen owl species in Cyprus.