ABOUT Alectoris chukar

A resident bird of Cyprus, common and widely known, occurring almost all over the island, in every habitat type, from sea level up to the highest parts of the Troodos mountain range.

A ground dwelling species, it moves with ease and very fast when necessary, on the ground. It will fly suddenly when it senses a threat, giving a characteristic alarm call, in a fast low flight and will land again on the ground further away.

Usually it forms flocks (from few up to few dozen) outside the breeding period, when it forms in the pairs. After the breeding period, the pair and the grown-up chicks form again a family group, that can be joined by more family groups as well.

Its call is a continuous ‘kak-ara-kak-ara-kak-ara’ sound, characteristic in the Cyprus countryside. It’s heard mostly early in the morning and late afternoon till dusk. This species is the main gamebird of Cyprus.

Alectoris chukar


Did you know...

This species is the main gamebird of Cyprus.